Self-presentation at the municipal teacher competition “The Coolest Class”

Gift or art?

And yet, is self-presentation about yourself, briefly and beautifully presented, a gift or an art? Today a person finds himself in various situations that arise in society. And he needs bright packaging, as well as thoughtful mottos and slogans. If we consider self-presentation through the prism of the simple sale of any product, then in this case the product is self-presentation - itself. It is impossible to cope with each stage of selling yourself, in addition, to solve the problem as a whole and go through the necessary steps to success, without having acquired skills in creating a self-presentation. Just as talent is impossible without work and daily effort, working on ourselves is the work that we do throughout our lives. Therefore, for example, the self-presentation of a teacher is both a gift and an art in equal measure.

Image creation

Accordingly, in order not to fall in the eyes of colleagues, it is necessary to create an image of a calm rationalist, a tactician, and somewhere even a pragmatist, especially if self-presentation of a leader is necessary. To earn high praise in the family, you need to understand your family members and have the quality of dedication for the sake of your family. Although in some situations or professional activities an emotional approach may be necessary, the main thing here is to remember that your self-presentation about yourself should be briefly and beautifully presented to the point and not cause a critically negative perception.

Of course, it’s easy to say, but in reality it’s more and more difficult, since the natural basis of our Self, which especially spoils our appearance in the eyes of people, is rushing to the surface.


Currently, there are a sufficient number of methods of “self-presentation”, but when choosing them it is necessary to strictly follow the algorithm:

  1. Analysis of the “potential audience” to which the “self-presentation” is aimed.
  2. The basis of the first stage is that the strategies for nonverbal and verbal manifestation of personality must correspond to the place of self-presentation and the time period of its implementation.
  3. Your actions are subject to control and coordination according to the situation.
  4. Natural self-presentation must be realized outside the context of an artificial one.

It is important to always remember that you are your face. And if, in your opinion, there is a point in artificial self-presentation, then veiling, correcting and changing yourself is in your own hands.

Good luck!


To learn how to sell yourself, and to make the self-presentation of a teacher, educator or person in any other profession successful and constant, you need to know and be able to do a lot. To begin with, it is important to remember that our appearance, behavior, style are all of us.

The first thing you need to do before presenting yourself is to carefully study and analyze your potential audience, their inherent manner of communication and behavior, way of thinking, style of appearance, preferences.

After this, you need to start working on yourself, that is, to build self-adjustment for a specific audience for future self-presentation. And in this matter there is no place for laziness; it is important to show scrupulousness and achieve, as they say, involvement in yourself.

Using this tactic, the people to whom your self-presentation will be directed will perceive you as a referent worthy of their attention and respect. This technique is characterized as “psychological stroking.” Today, this is the most effective way to influence society. It’s as if you become a part of the group of people you want to impress, and they, using the method of categorization “friend or foe,” classifying you as “their own,” successfully accept you. Such self-presentation is a guarantee of success.

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