Decorating a speech corner in a kindergarten with your own hands
The purpose of the speech development corner in a preschool educational institution Without fully developed speech, it is difficult for children to adapt to
Development of phonemic perception in preschool children with phonetic-phonemic speech underdevelopment
Diagnostics of phonemic processes in preschool children
Simple (elementary) phonemic analysis The study is carried out in sequence from simple to complex. For
Individual program for a child with special needs speech therapy work program (preparatory group) on the topic
MAGAZINE Doshkolnik.RF Program of speech therapy support for children with various speech disorders who do not attend compensatory groups
ZRR, ZPR, ZPRR, ZPMR in children treatment
Delay in speech, psycho-speech, psycho-speech development, treatment of delayed speech development, delay in psycho-speech, mental, motor, motor development
What is FGR in children? Treatment of ZRR in Russia, Saratov ZRR is a delay
Features of speech therapy work for children with Down syndrome at an early age in an orphanage
Socialization is very important for children with Down syndrome, speech plays a big role in this process
Examination of syllable structure according to Markova. Violations of syllable structure 1. Violations of the number of syllables -Elision - reduction (omission) of syllables: Hammer - - presentation
Sukhinina Olga Yurievna, teacher-speech therapist Sections: Speech therapy Every year the number of children suffering from general
Development of fine motor skills in children with general speech underdevelopment
The topic of our article is quite relevant since the motor skills of the fingers are closely interconnected with all
General parent meeting “Interaction between teachers and speech therapists with parents”
I Sadovnikova - Impairments in written speech and their overcoming in younger schoolchildren
I Sadovnikova - Impairments in written speech and their overcoming in primary schoolchildren 1...
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