Don't always say what you know, but always know what you say. Claudius.
Sayings of great people about the development of a child’s speech
Statements of great people about the development of a child’s speech Mastering one’s native language is the most important acquisition of childhood.
Vocal exercises and warm-up: choral exercises, for voice, for breathing, for beginners
“On Thursday the fourth at four and a quarter o’clock the Ligurian traffic controller was regulating in Leguria,
Download OBS Studio
How to record screen video with sound? OBS Studio program
The topic of today's publication is how to record screen video with sound using the free OBS Studio program.
beautiful self-presentation
Self-presentation at the municipal teacher competition “The Coolest Class”
Gift or art? And yet, self-presentation about oneself, briefly and beautifully presented, is
Schulte table
Schulte table: exercises for primary school children
To successfully study in primary school, children must be able to concentrate their attention and analyze
10 Examples of Fun and Resourceful Election Campaigning
Introduction Introduction is the most important part of a campaign speech, since it is at the beginning of your speech
Riddles about letters of the alphabet for children letter A
Black birds on every page... Riddles about letters
Riddles about letters Riddles about all the letters of the Russian alphabet. Learning the alphabet is much easier
Features of interaction between the speaker and his audience
Every occasion you give a speech is unique. If this is a work report for a meeting, you
The Greatest Speakers Past and Present
The Greatest Speakers Past and Present
People with public speaking skills always easily acquire the status of a leader among friends, colleagues, and quickly achieve
1log - Children's speech therapy studio
Business plan for a speech therapy office. How to open a speech therapy center: furniture and necessary documents
Investments: from 70,000 rubles Payback: from 2 months Preschool education reforms carried out in
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