Summary of the speech therapy lesson “Words-actions. Differentiation of words-objects and words-actions""
Lesson summary Topic: “Words denoting the actions of objects” Purpose: to consolidate the concept of “words - actions.”
Methodological development “Rhetoric as the skill of oral speech”
logic - knowledge about the word as an instrument of thinking and activity. Start of the speech Usually
Summary of speech therapy entertainment “Celebration of correct speech”
Simple ways to interest your audience when speaking publicly. First impression.
Simple Ways to Engage Your Audience When Speaking in Public
This article will help you become more confident when speaking in public. The article is based on the work
Topic 1. The concept and essence of judicial rhetoric. Judicial eloquence.
Oratory in court Exercise 9. Definition of judicial oratory in the theory of public speech
journalistic article in a newspaper example
How to write an informational note in a journalistic style: note structure, types and examples of note texts
In the article you will read about what a note is, what style of speech it belongs to
How to start a public speaking - photo
How to start a public speaking: attention-grabbing tricks
The right start to a public speech is 50% of the success of the entire speech. Before you know how to start
Interactive simulator - the game “Playing with Sound!” 1 class
Vowels and consonants PREDICTED RESULTS: • children will learn to freely express their thoughts; •
Basic classifications of speaker types
The role of oratory in management - Personality of the speaker
The main goal of any speech, and, consequently, of any speaker, is to influence a certain circle
Peter I with his retinue
What does rhetoric study and what should you learn in order to speak successfully in public?
“Man is superior to animals due to his ability to speak; but he sinks below the animal if not
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