Card index of riddles by sounds (R, L, ZH, Sh, Ch, Shch, S, Z, C). Methodological development in speech therapy (senior group) on the topic

Riddles about punctuation marks

  • The sign is simple - a hook and a dot,

I write it on the line.

If I suddenly ask something,

Then at the end I write it.

(Question mark).

  • I wrote a letter to Seryozhka,

A little about business and friends.

At the end of the third leaf

I finished. I bet...


  • What a weather!

And a wonderful day!

I'll put it at the end

Another sign -...


Musical riddles

Musical riddles with answers

Musical riddles - songs, notes, musical instruments are hidden in the answers. If you were able to guess at least a few riddles, then the shouts of “Bravo, admiration are yours, without a doubt!” Tricky mental puzzles require good preparation. Let's start with the orchestra. By the way, there is a mystery about him, and about the man who is the most important in the orchestra, like the president in Russia. Shall we go through the tools? 10 times larger than a violin, it's sonorous...? Double bass. But this beautiful and huge instrument has adorned the cathedral for a long time. Yes, it's an organ.

Don't forget to show your children the illustrations for the musical riddles. They will see the similarities and differences between the flute and the pipe, and learn to distinguish between the violin, viola and cello. But an accordion will never be called a button accordion or an accordion. Perhaps children will discover that spoons and plates are not only utensils and are made of ringing metal and wood.

Riddles will help you notice details, for example, in the horn: “I look like a snail.” And we will have to tell you more about the guitar, otherwise the children themselves will ask why it is “a romantic Spanish, six-string foreigner.”

The riddle about the notes will put everything in its place. And dad Carlo will introduce you to the profession of an organ grinder. Let's count the people who have vocal talent. Thirty little guys are standing on benches, they’re all singing, they’re all random, guess what? This is... a choir! What if there are four, three or only two musicians? We have all the answers. If you get tired of singing and playing, you can move on to dancing: polka, mazurka, waltz, this is the one that captivated us, Strauss composed it. Together with us you can trace how the song appears. Who comes up with the words, and who “writes music for us, plays melodies.” Then it's up to the performer. Musical riddles provide rich material for the harmonious development of a child and will help you understand the whole variety of instruments.

Seven sisters are very friendly, each song is very necessary. You can't compose music if you don't invite them.


They hit each other, And they sing in response And shine like two pennies - Musical...


Name it without error The instrument is slightly larger than a violin. He is her closest friend, But the sound is a little lower. There are strings and a bow, I'm not new to music!


Round, sonorous, familiar to everyone, All the rulers are with us at school. We always knock on it. A loud sound is not nonsense. It’s not in vain that the instrument was given to us, so that we could knock on...


Five steps - a ladder, On the steps - a song.


Music needs not only a “composer”, it needs someone who will sing. He…


He writes music for us, He plays melodies, He puts poems to the waltz. Who writes the songs?


Three strings, plays loudly. That instrument is a “cocked hat.” Find out quickly, what is this?


It’s easy to go on a hike with me, It’s fun with me on the road, And I’m a screamer, and I’m a brawler, I’m loud, round...


He stands on three legs, He is black, in black boots, White teeth, pedal, It’s called...


I put the pipe to my lips, and a trill flowed through the forest. That instrument is very fragile, it’s called...


Five rulers are a home for notes, A note lives here in each one. People in the world of different countries Call rulers...

"Stave of Music"

The one who does not sing songs, but listens, is called, guys,...


He is the key, but the key is not for the door, He is on the staff in front.

Treble clef

You will take it in your hands, you will stretch it, then you will squeeze it! Voiced, elegant, Russian, two-row. She'll play, just touch her. What's her name?


The string rings, she sings, And everyone can hear her song. Six strings can play anything, but that instrument is forever fashionable. He will never get old. We call that instrument...


What kind of miracles are these? In the forest we hear voices, the guys are sitting around the fire, singing and looking at her. To make it suddenly sound, first pluck the string. And there are seven or six strings, We cannot count its merits. It’s easy for everyone to sing to it. Tell me, what’s its name?


I'll take the stage in the twilight, I'll go out in an elegant tailcoat. I’ll wave a thin stick - the violins will begin to play, the harpist will shake the string, the trumpets will respond. How wonderfully the orchestra plays! Well, I’m the most important one in it!


Carved in the forest, Smoothly hewn, Sings and sings. What is the name of?


He writes music for us, He plays melodies, He puts poems to the waltz. Who writes the songs?


If the notes are in a row, These notes are...


It looks like a rattle, but it's not a toy!


She grew up in the forest, was taken out of the forest, cries in her arms, and jumps on the floor/


On a piece of paper, on a page - Either dots or birds. Everyone is sitting on the ladder and singing songs.


Goddess of all instruments - There is a murmur and rustle. Fingers will fly along the strings - That even the birds will fall silent.


What kind of instrument is this, the height of a whole house? In pipes, dressed in wood, decorations on it. This sonorous giant has many voices. He is sometimes affectionate, sometimes strict, and his name is...


Balls... balls... and the music plays, the gentlemen invite the lady to dance. French dance is driven by the silhouette, and we call the dance...


All the characters in the play dance on stage - They don’t sing, don’t play or draw... There is no more beautiful performance in theaters, And it’s simply called -...


Recording notes unites the voice instruments that are played in the orchestra: the bird is a flute, the wolf is a trumpet. Recording notes in such a texture is called...


He is like an older brother to the violin, He is glad to help her in the orchestra. He is a faithful friend to the viola, He has a bass sound. He is a giant with a bow, a large important gentleman

Double bass

It’s very interesting in the theater when everyone sings in the play. And the orchestra played music. What will the play be called?


That instrument has been decorating the cathedral for a long time. Decorates and plays, The whole orchestra replaces.


They eat soup at lunch, and in the evening the wooden girls and musical sisters will start talking. Play a little on beautiful bright...


We call the instrument a piano, I can hardly play it. Louder, quieter, louder, quieter - Everyone will hear my playing. I hit the keys zealously, My instrument is...


It’s empty, the voice is thick, it beats the shot, it helps you walk.


Wooden palms, And they sound like spoons. Well, give me the answers, what is this?



The hidden word consists of several parts, each of which can be an independent word. Three letters are a term for the game, The other three are a victorious cry, But in general you will meet in the yard, Suddenly hearing a dog growl. (Kon-hurray) Write the name of the note, Hurry up to add the name - And I’ll swing along the road Or I’ll shoe your feet. (Re-Zina) You write with the first syllable. You will be the second to hit the ball, joining the game with your friend. But in general you will hear about the stream, When that stream is shallow, It will not hide your legs up to your knees. (Small) Take my first syllable from the squeak of birds, the second from a ram's head. Open the oven and there you will find something that you have eaten more than once. (Pi-horn) Copy

Riddles about letters of the alphabet

At first everyone said the letter to Aibolit... ( A )

A hoop, a ball and a wheel, they will remind you of the letter... ( O )

There is a hollow in an old tree Well, just like a letter... ( O )

It has long been known to all children: The cow knows the letter... ( M )

Every lamb will tell you, They really love the letter... ( B )

He is an expert at separating everyone, Voiceless... ( hard sign )

The letter on the flower has been buzzing for a whole hour... ( F )

Stands on one leg, Geese love the letter... ( G )

Good for hissing. The letter in the alphabet is... ( Ш )

You will recognize it immediately - With two eyes the letter... ( Ё )

“It’s as hot as a candle!” - The letter laments... ( H )

“Hee-hee-hee, ha-ha-ha!” - That’s how the letter laughs... ( X )

Walks with a stick, alas, Through the pages the letter... ( Y )

You won't get borscht if it doesn't have the letter... ( Ш )

The letter Scratchy sharpens his claw on the porch... ( C )

Half of a beetle is made up of the letter... ( K )

He is a voiceless, kind-hearted man, He softens everything... ( soft sign )

I, having put glasses on my nose, will immediately become a letter... ( F )

I found a twig in the forest, It looks like the letter... ( U )

We remembered easily: Number one is the letter... (not O, but A )

I ate a piece of a bagel, and it turned out to be the letter... (not L, but S )

Round shaped head, Same shaped letter... (not A, but O )

We see the Moscow metro, And above the entrance there is a letter... (not O, but M )

You can say for sure, It looks like a horizontal bar... (not K, but P )

The letter stands on one leg on the roof of the house... (not G, but T )

The word delicious EAR Starts with the letter ... (not X, but U )

The first letter, friends, in the alphabet is... (not I, but A )

The alphabetic family is headed by the letter ... (not Y, but A )

This is not a lie at all: the letter... has no sound (not Ё, but ь or Ъ )

Farthest away from everyone, right at the end, the letter in the alphabet is... (not C, but I )

(I. Ageeva)

Sound riddles

Features of the game and its educational significance. The educational objective of this game is largely the same as the previous one. But now children need not just to guess the sounding object, but to convey the nature of the sound in a word or voice. This promotes more conscious and subtle discrimination and reproduction of sound, which is a new step in the development of auditory perception.

The game situation and tasks are well known to children. What is new to them is the type of partnership (the active role is performed by small groups). Children learn to manage their behavior: to restrain the natural desire to answer first, etc. All this is of great importance for the development of the volitional qualities of the child’s personality.

Game material. You can add several musical toys to the material from the previous game, for example, a piano, a pipe, a triplet, a balalaika, a traffle, etc. The selection of toys should provide a variety of sounds - both drawn-out, melodic, and percussive, abrupt. You will also need a table screen.

Description of the game and methods of its implementation. The teacher shows the children the objects prepared for the game and invites them to solve riddles; He will use toys to make sounds, and the children, without seeing the object, must guess what it sounds.

The teacher blocks the toys with a screen and warns the children that they must sit as quietly as if no one is in the room, then the sound of each toy will be clearly heard. He tells the children another important rule of the game; When the toy stops knocking, you need to say the following words in unison: “We heard your voice and solved the riddle. You... (name a toy).”

Having solved the riddle, the children, together with the teacher, must indicate in a word or convey onomatopoeia the nature of the sound they heard.

Having asked the children two or three riddles, the teacher slightly changes the organization of the game. He calls the guys (four to six people) over to him. He invites one of them to sit on chairs facing the other participants in the game, and the others (no more than two) to become his assistants in asking riddles. Helpers sit behind a screen and, at the direction of an adult, perform actions with toys, making them sound. All children guess the riddle, but only those whom the teacher names answer out loud. Others can whisper the answer into their neighbors' ears. After each riddle, the teacher helps the children convey the nature of the sound in a word or onomatopoeia, and together with the other participants in the game, evaluates the correctness of the answer.

Thanks to the change of roles, the game is lively, the teacher gets the opportunity to check how each child copes with the proposed task, to see the peculiarities of children’s behavior in joint activities. Rules of the game.

1. Strictly maintain silence, listen carefully to how the object sounds.

2. Say the answer only after the words: “We recognized your voice and solved the riddle...” Only those asked by the teacher say the answer out loud. You can't give any hints.

3. Only those who play together and follow the rules are chosen to play the role of assistants.

Tips for the teacher. The game is of a control nature. It allows you to find out the individual behavioral characteristics of each child, which is very important for further work.

Having noticed the first signs of weakening attention and interest in children, offer them the role of assistants without waiting for them to clearly violate the rules. Conduct the game lively, emotionally, with the full activity of all its participants.

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