Decorating a speech corner in a kindergarten with your own hands

Purpose of a speech development corner in a preschool educational institution

Without fully developed speech, it is difficult for children to adapt to school, where they need to build relationships with teachers, be able to easily ask a question or request, and create friendly connections with other children. How the child’s speech is developed depends on:

  • how confident he is;
  • how easily he can formulate a thought;
  • the degree of perception of large volumes of incoming information.

Speech development zone

Creating a speech corner in the older group encourages children to participate in educational games. The degree of interest of the children depends on how attractive it is designed.

Tasks and goals of creating a speech corner

The main goal of creating such islands of learning in state preschool institutions is to fully develop the speech abilities of pupils and enrich everyone’s vocabulary.

Educators are faced with the task of involving children in games that train breathing and teach the correct force of exhalation when pronouncing.

Competition for the best “Speech Corner”

In our kindergarten No. 127 in Tyumen, a competition was held for the best “Speech Corner”. I, like all the teachers in our kindergarten, took part in the selection and design of the corner. I presented my presentation of the corner in the form of a poem.

Our group is not simple, our group is golden!

Suns hang everywhere, smile, make you laugh,

So that the children would look, be surprised, be stunned, and start singing songs.

There are many corners in the group where children play, relax and draw; the house will be built to the heights.

But we’ll tell you in more detail, where the oak tree grows, a learned cat sits on the oak tree.

He offers the kids a lot of different things to do.

He hid all the tasks in colored envelopes, everyone can take the envelope, depending on their mood, there are pictures there, they offer to play.

The topics are different, any, you can name fruits and collect mushrooms, play “One and many”, “Name the object”, “Arrange by color”, “Count” and others

He will also offer to learn how to breathe and blow correctly.

Cool the “hot tea” and feed the animals, start the cars, and score goals.

The cat and I will also study words and sounds, colors, sizes, we will play with our fingers and memorize poems, “Vertolina” will help with this.

Well, the wise owl will teach us, compose stories, develop our memory, ask us riddles through a mnemonic folder, offer to describe pictures

The paths are not easy, but a little crooked, you have to roll the ball and not drop it on the floor.

After showing picture diagrams and gymnastics in verse, children will repeat and perform gymnastics for the lips and tongue. Here our dear Kvakushka comes as an assistant.

Near the oak tree, on the paths, different fairy tales live, children put on masks, or open the lids, or wave a fan, the heroes come to life.

Well, we will build a house nearby, we will place pictures in it, and the children and I will learn to pronounce and speak correctly.

Author of the report:

Mugasheva Dilyara Ilshatovna

Teacher of MAODU d/s No. 127, Tyumen

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Making a speech corner with your own hands

When creating a speech corner, you need to think through all the necessary didactic materials that will be used in certain exercise games. It is important to give it a name that will attract children and associate it with an interesting character who lives in a colorful learning place.

Standards of the Federal State Educational Standard for Additional Education for the corner of speech development

You can’t design a colorful rack relying only on your own imagination. The Federal State Educational Standard imposes a number of requirements for the appearance, content and location of learning areas in nursery, middle and senior groups:

  • Full compliance of the filling of the zone with the age characteristics of the group.
  • The presence of an attractive, animated owner who will help children get comfortable in their territory.
  • Compliance with safety requirements due to the absence of wall cabinets with glass doors. Particular attention is paid to the safety of younger groups - in them, lessons on the development of fine motor skills can only be carried out under the supervision of a teacher, due to the danger of small parts getting into the respiratory tract.

Turning on the finger theater

Speech Corner Passport

To create a development zone, you need to prepare a document containing an inventory of all the materials and tools included in it. Both furniture and books used in classes are subject to inclusion in the passport register. List of passport contents (with examples):

  • Furniture equipment (bookcase, chairs, shelving);
  • List of books that make up the library;
  • Objects used to develop articulation (mirror, pictures);
  • Didactic material (colored cubes, cubes with letters, magnetic board);
  • Devices for the development of speech breathing (pinwheels, soap bubbles, hanging figures);
  • Visual aids (fruits and vegetables, presentation posters)

Speech development program for preschoolers according to O. S. Ushakova.

How to name the corner of speech development

The name of the corner should attract children and evoke positive emotions in them. It is better if it is associated with an animated doll - the owner of the educational zone. For example, if a parrot is chosen as the owner of the corner, it can be called Talker, and the corner can be called “Oral Treasure Island.” When the owner is Vasilisa the Wise, her developing domain can be called the “Kingdom of Words,” and if a frog is invited to teach, the phrase “Speech Stream” is suitable as a name.

Types and methods of designing a speech center

The speech development corner in kindergarten is designed to expand the vocabulary of each child, the design of which should not deviate from the general style of the group. If the premises already have decorated road safety stands or a hand hygiene model, then it is advisable to apply the style used in their design to the speech development area.

Use of signs and signs

To consolidate the material studied, it is advisable to place tables summarizing the material covered. As an example, you can use columns with vowels and consonants, or the division of plant crops into vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms.

We come up with an animated character

There are no standards when it comes to choosing a protagonist. However, the choice of character should be approached from the point of view of the age characteristics of children. For early development groups, kind and familiar animals are suitable. And for children from the preparatory group, it is better to choose an authoritative character from a popular read.

Speech Development Corner

Natalya Plotkina

Speech Development Corner

Speech center in group No. 1 “Yagodka”

The developmental environment and communication are factors that determine speech development . When creating a group speech environment, it is very important that the environment is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing; the design should be attractive and evoke in children a desire for independent activity. A speech corner in a group is one of the forms of a subject-development environment that promotes meaningful communication between children and adults and peers. With its help, we create conditions for the development of children , stimulation of speech activity and verbal communication.

The content of the speech corner is carried out in strict accordance with the program, physiological and psychological-pedagogical features of speech . The material contained in the speech corner is multifunctional. The games are selected in order of increasing complexity, aimed at developing speech , game and didactic material is replaced or replenished monthly, the activities of children in the speech corner are varied . Didactic equipment meets the needs of the child’s current development and self-development , at the same time, the corner is not overloaded with equipment, as this makes choice difficult. Game and didactic material in the speech corner is arranged according to the topics of speech development and is regulated by adults in accordance with sections of the program or tasks to be solved, and the introduction of color markers on envelopes containing games helps in this.

The main essence of children’s speech development lies in the close relationship and complementarity of four components:

1. the central place is occupied by the teacher’s speech, with his speech the teacher teaches the child his native language, his speech is the main source of speech development in kindergarten , and the teacher must be fluent in the speech skills that he passes on to children;

2. systematic classes on speech development ;

3. conversations, games and play exercises aimed at enriching and activating the child’s speech ;

4. creation by teachers of certain conditions, a special place.

Contents of the speech corner :

— card index of articulation exercises;

— set of mirrors (with handle)


— a file of breathing exercises;

— card index of finger games;

— card index of wellness breaks (dynamic)


— didactic games to enrich vocabulary;

— didactic games for the development of grammatical structure of speech ;

— didactic games for the development of coherent speech ;

— didactic games to improve the sound culture of speech ;

— didactic games for the development of phonemic hearing;

— card index of verbal didactic games in all sections;

— objects, games for the development of fine motor skills ;

— massage balls and a card index of exercises with them;

— symbolic display of sections in colors.

Didactic material in the speech corner :

- material on the development of articulatory motor skills: object pictures-supports, articulatory structures-schemes, articulatory gymnastics in albums, poems, cotton pads, sticks;

— aids for breathing development : balls, plumes, bells, pinwheels, a file of breathing exercises, breathing exercises;

- aids for the development of fine motor skills - dry pool, massage rollers, balls, clothespins, stencils, finger games, lacing;

- games and aids for automating sounds - small toys, object pictures, different types of theaters, sound albums, sayings, poems;

- games on vocabulary and grammar - subject pictures on lexical topics, games;

- games for the development of coherent speech - a series of plot pictures, different types of theater, poetry, children's books.

Physical development corner The equipment offered to your attention is made with your own hands to replenish the subject-development environment. At first glance, this is all.

Didactic games for the development (sound culture of speech, grammatical structure of speech, vocabulary for preschoolers, coherent speech) Coherent speech. 1. A game to clarify the form of the genitive case. “Guess whose things these are.” Children are offered pictures that depict:

Physical development corner Physical development is a very important stage in the development of a child’s personality. And preschoolers spend most of their time in kindergarten. Music corner as a means of developing the musical abilities of a preschooler. The environment has a significant influence on the formation of children’s artistic tastes. The musical development of a child is not determined. Developmental environment in kindergarten “Speech development corner” in the second junior group Developmental environment in kindergarten. Speech development corner in the second junior group. Prepared by teacher Rezanova M.V. “Speech is amazing.

Book corner. Theory and methods of speech development in children A book corner is a necessary element of a developing subject environment in a group room of a preschool institution. This is a form of distribution.

Photo report “Physical Development Corner” Our corner is relatively new in the group. Previously, it consisted of standard equipment (balls, pins, hoops, etc.). We decided to supplement it. Speech development corner The speech development corner includes the Development of speech breathing (card file of games, a set of breathing exercises) Development of articulation. Speech development corner “Visiting Aunt Owl” Speech development and verbal communication is carried out in all types of children’s activities, in different forms. The developing environment and communication are.

Information content of the speech corner

The speech corner should include games and activities on topics appropriate to the age of each group. The Federal State Educational Standard sets requirements for information content, according to which the educational zone must include all areas related to speech development:

  • fine motor skills;
  • logorhythmics;
  • articulation;
  • fantasy;
  • learning about the world through reading;
  • breathing exercises;
  • finger theater

Working with children in the corner

Any activity in the corner should begin with a greeting from the main character, who invites the children to play.

Forms of educational activities in the speech corner

Classes are held both individual and group. Singing vowels, memorizing rhymes, familiarizing yourself with new books and finger theater are carried out in groups. And activities such as articulation gymnastics, playing shop and breathing exercises can easily be presented as independent activities.

Availability of an area for individual lessons

Speech didactic games

These games include a variety of age-appropriate puzzles:

  • “Finish the word”;
  • "Associations";
  • “Name the words starting with the given letter”;
  • “Choose the extra word from the given series.”

Speech center for the development of coherent speech

Articulation gymnastics for children

For the best development of articulation, the zone should have one common mirror, where the child will train together with the teacher, and one individual mirror, in which the student himself will work on producing sounds.

How to properly give speech therapy massage to a child at home

An attractive educational center, where lessons are fun and interesting, promotes the immediate development of speech with a rich vocabulary, which will become a reliable assistant in the child’s adaptation to school and increase his self-confidence.

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