Top 7 real tips: how to respond to an insult beautifully

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, where moral rules are generally accepted, where you need to be an educated and well-mannered person, some people allow themselves to openly communicate in a boorish manner. If unacceptable phrases are addressed to us, we need to know how to respond to them correctly. In this article we will not dwell on how to react, we will present you with all sorts of options for how to respond to rudeness, and you yourself will choose the one that is most suitable for you personally.

It's better not to react

Every master communicator should know everything about how to respond to an insult correctly.
If they are trying to somehow verbally offend you or be rude, then the best behavior is not to react to the insult .

That is, just be calm and don’t give the person any fuel for his anger .

According to this model of behavior, you win.

Why is it sometimes better not to respond:

  1. If you are emotionally brought out of your calm state, then you have already lost.
  2. If you showed a reaction, you accepted what you were told.
  3. If you answer the question, it means you agree with the form in which it was posed.

About swearing and the uselessness of fights

I don’t react to swearing in any way.

If I also start answering with obscenities, then I will jump to the level of an insulter. But I don’t accept such communication, it’s outside of my reality.

I don't see the insults, they don't affect me.

The best way to competently respond to an insult is not to give an answer or reaction .

You don't waste energy and don't get involved in a needless verbal spat.

Using force is simply a futile exercise.

Empty fights give nothing except black eyes, bruises and a satisfied ego..

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“When a person is hungry, he becomes angry and aggressive”

Maria Prokhorova

psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist

– This type of behavior, such as rudeness, is typical for people who are bitter, embittered and offended by the whole world. Most often, they grew up in a deficit of parental love and conditions of emotional hunger. And, having matured, such people act from the same deficit state, see the surrounding reality distorted and react very sharply to it.

A person in a state of completeness is happy with everything. He has no desire to notice the bad, to defend himself from the outside world and to be rude to passers-by - this is the lot of unhappy people.

A trivial example: when a person is hungry, he becomes angry and aggressive. And after physical hunger is satisfied, a person becomes kinder, softer, more accommodating. And in the case of emotional hunger, everything is the same.

Know how to respond with a strong look, without unnecessary words

How this happens in detail:

  1. Sometimes I just need to look the insulter straight in the eyes for a few seconds, and he has already lost . The offender feels my self-confidence and energy, I project it through my gaze.
  2. Strong reality always wins. He already understands everything without words. This is the struggle of realities through the gaze.
  3. A simple understanding of why this person behaves this way is enough. I understand why he behaves this way, I read his thinking in his face, what reaction he expects from me - and I deprive him of these same reactions through my gaze. Simple silence.

It's cool to respond to insults with one strong look. Spiritually upgraded guys can do this . This is a very original and rare method. You don't have to be muscular to do this . Try to put this into practice and you will feel the power of my words.

A visual example of a gaze response

Watch a good video example of how to beautifully respond to rudeness with a strong look without a single word.
Here the guy in the cap has a look so strong and good that his neighbor was ready to fall through the ground.

Behind the mask of a boor and a brute is a child

It is important to understand that behind the mask of a boor and a rude person is a child. The physiological age of this person can be absolutely any, but psychologically he is obviously stuck in his childhood years - in the period when an injury occurred that he could not cope with.

The position of an adult is to be tactful, confident, and communicate with people on the same plane. The boor is trying in every possible way to achieve his superiority and show that he is taller and cooler, although inside he feels exactly the opposite, and this leads to conflict.

Most often, such a person needs help, although he himself does not realize it, being confident that everything is fine with him, he is coping with everything and has everything under control. Life is not easy for him among ordinary people.

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Have the perception of a successful person

Change your interpretation and perception of insults and ridicule.

If you get teased or made fun of, that's cool.!

The way I see it is, “Yes, they are talking about me now. Mm...I'm pleased with that. It makes me popular. I'm cool and that's why they're talking about me now. They want to talk about me. They are interested in me. I'm successful. Yes!”:)

That is, I see only positive aspects in this. You're like a famous person!

Stars and popular personalities never pay attention to what is said about them.

Otherwise they would simply go crazy.

Example phrases

If you nevertheless decide to get involved in a skirmish, then I offer you ready-made original, killer and even threatening phrases for all occasions. With their help, you will always have something to answer the offender:

  1. Don't worry, someday you will definitely say something smart and funny.
  2. Do not make me angry! I have nowhere to hide the corpses anymore. Come on, I'm kidding! There's still room!
  3. Are you paying so much attention to my life because yours isn't going well?
  4. I beg you, at least use bone marrow.
  5. If I need advice, I will definitely seek you out.
  6. Do you always have such a poor imagination or is it just a bad day?

The "Turn Insult into Gold" Method

The next correct reaction to insults is to make the insult even more ridiculous and absurd .

What you need to remember:

  • I just take what they told me and make something new out of these words, even more idiotic and ridiculous . To do this you need to be able to laugh at yourself. Know how to shut up your ego. Don't be arrogant.
  • Laughing at yourself and self-irony is a great gift . Learn to really laugh at yourself . Not everyone can do this. And no one will be able to hurt you, you will always know how to respond to rudeness beautifully.
  • That is, you in no way resist what they tell you , but accept it and turn it in your favor.

This is the art of turning verbal crap into gold. Just ask yourself: “How can these words help me? - and use it.

Here are examples of my phrases to culturally respond to a person’s insult, turning verbal crap into gold:

She: your lips are trembling. Me: Yes, I pump silicone into them every day. Every day in the morning I do this.

She: You have a hairy chest. Me: Yes, it makes me more attractive. This is great for men! Thank you.

The main reasons for rudeness and rudeness

There are six of them.

  • Dissatisfaction with your life, your position in society

Even the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote in his work “Rhetoric” that a person who takes out his anger on others experiences a feeling of superiority over them.

However, this method of self-exaltation is used only by those who are unsure of their status and doubt their social position. Such a person is dissatisfied with himself and his life. By insulting other people, he tries to raise his self-esteem and importance in his own eyes.

  • Hot-tempered, explosive character

There are people who are easily irritated by any little thing and fly into a rage. They cannot control their emotions. Therefore, in a fit of anger they can easily offend a person. However, later, when they calm down, they often feel ashamed of what they did.

  • Lack of education and communication culture

If a child has not been taught polite communication since childhood, the norm for him, who has already become an adult, will remain rudeness and disrespect. Street children who grew up on the street in unfavorable conditions become accustomed to treating others with anger and hostility.

  • Desire to provoke

The offender may insult another person in front of eyewitnesses so that he loses his temper and reacts inappropriately to the rudeness. Thus, his reputation will be damaged.

  • Arrogance and desire to assert oneself

Some people unjustifiably consider themselves better than other people. They, in principle, cannot speak respectfully and friendlyly to those who are lower in status than them. This is their way of self-affirmation.

  • Stress and despair

A person can be rude if he has a hard day. Having thus thrown out the entire load of accumulated negative emotions, he may then feel guilty.

If you look at all these reasons, you can draw a general pattern - the offender is most often dissatisfied with himself, deeply unhappy, complex and unsure of himself. One can only feel sorry for such a person.

However, when we unexpectedly encounter obvious rudeness or rudeness, we react in the way we are already accustomed to. And this reaction is not always correct and effective.

Give him back his own words

And the most common way is to return the person’s insult back .

That is, you give his words back to him.

Here are examples from life with a beautiful response to an insult, where I return the person’s words back:

She: You're old. Me: Yes! I can be your father or grandfather! How do you feel when you talk to an old man? We see in others what is in ourselves. Look at you. It's great for a guy to be older than a girl. The older a man is, the better he is. For a girl this is terrible.

Him: You idiot! Me: How do I know YOU'RE not an asshole?

If they are rude at work

Remember to behave according to your position. Don't raise your voice when talking to your boss. Do not violate the principles of business ethics, be polite. Think about what you want to get in the end, and then use psychological techniques.


Are you being bullied by your boss? Do not try to express your complaints openly, as you can easily lose your job. Try to understand what motivates the boss when he behaves incorrectly. Perhaps the boss is simply not competent enough. If your boss is a tyrant who has treated his subordinates with disdain all his life, you should not enter into open confrontation with him, the risk of causing problems is too great.

Think maybe the problem is you? Sometimes a boss is too strict because an employee is not doing his job very well.


If your strengths are equal, you can try to negotiate with the offender. But you shouldn’t immediately get into an argument with a boor. Remember that you will have to maintain communication with your colleague, because you are in the same team. You may even have to work on a joint project, then dialogue is inevitable. If other employees may suffer because of your conflict, it is better to refuse to defend your position. Having received a reprimand because of you, your colleagues will not figure out whether you did the right thing. They will simply begin to treat all parties to the dispute with disdain.


When a subordinate begins to insult his boss, things take a dangerous turn. Do not tolerate rudeness from an employee, otherwise you will lose the authority and respect of other employees of the company. But you shouldn’t answer sharply either; colleagues won’t take a rude boss seriously. Be tactful but strict. Follow business ethics.

Ask a counter question: “Why are you behaving this way?”

In order not to get involved in aggression and not stoop to the level of the insulter, it is enough to calmly look into his eyes and ask: “ Why are you behaving this way?” Why are you screaming? "

This must be said absolutely calmly, without raising intonation, in your normal voice.

Ask this question to an insulter , and he will understand the following things:

  • The insulter will understand that you do not need to throw dirt on each other and you are not interested in empty verbal skirmishes.
  • The offender realizes that it is much more important for you to understand the reason for his anger and rage . The aggressor will understand that you see no reason to shout or quarrel. You don’t understand the reason for his such emotional behavior, which has no place here.
  • Usually the person calling names begins to think about what he said , considers the correctness of his behavior and his words, and begins to delve into his head.

For example:

The person yells at you and somehow behaves emotionally and negatively towards you.

Me: What happened to you, why are you reacting this way? You're probably tired and worried about something. Let's solve this together.

The easiest way to answer is with obscenities

Surely everyone has encountered people who are rude, use foul language or even threaten for no reason.
Such aggressors retreat only if they hear harsh words and threats in response. But it is also possible that the offender will become even more angry and the verbal conflict will transfer to the physical plane. The easiest way is to answer the insulter with obscenities. But before that, you need to objectively assess the environment


  1. Are there two or three more of his friends nearby with the aggressor?
  2. The conflict occurred in a busy place or in a deserted wasteland.
  3. What are the physical parameters of the offender (perhaps he is a beefy big guy, and you are a fragile programmer about sixty meters tall).

Stooping to obscene language is the last thing, but in some cases you can’t do without swearing; this is the simplest and only effective method.

Combine all methods at once

You can combine several tips together at the same time!

When you implement these skills into communication, you will become a master! You will always know how cleverly you can respond to an insult.

Here is a combination model in the seventh way:

She: You look like a hipster.

Me: Yes, my parents were hipsters. My grandparents were hipsters. But look at you. Your shoes are the most hipster of all.


How to respond to rudeness: responses to offensive phrases Each of us encounters rudeness from time to time. Some people observe its manifestation from the outside, while others constantly have to listen to rude and offensive words addressed to them. It’s not as offensive to forget something you need at home as it is to hear rude, unjustified words addressed to you. It is not as hard to complete a new task as it is to work in a scandalous atmosphere where everyone is shouting and being rude to each other. It is known that someone else’s aggression is always transformed into self-aggression, hence the bad mood, decreased self-esteem, performance, etc. How to protect yourself from foreign aggression and react correctly to rudeness?

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the reasons for rudeness. There are several of them, and for each of them you can offer different response options. So let's start with the first reason. Weak psychological constitution of a person Have you probably noticed that almost no one is rude to some people, while others constantly fall under the “distribution”? Many boors have remarkable intuition and observation skills. They choose their victims according to the principle of strength and weakness: “This one has a sharp tongue, it’s better not to mess with him, but you can have some fun with this one. He’ll probably say something absurd in response.” The last category includes people with low self-esteem, overly cultured and educated people, people with an increased sense of guilt, who are afraid of accidentally offending another, as well as people who avoid conflicts and conflict situations. How to react correctly? Before getting into fights with offenders, you need to work on your self-esteem, self-confidence and inner strength. After all, it is almost impossible for a strong person to be rude. “Calm” method When dealing with such offenders, never show that you are confused. Express your point of view honestly, firmly and openly. Don't be defensive or defensive! Speak calmly and relaxed. Boors are cowards, they are not used to frankness and calmness. They need to piss you off in order to feed off your energy. Don't give them such joy. How to respond to rudeness: responses to offensive phrases Example: Conductor on a bus: “Why are you giving me 500 rubles? I don't have any change! I’ll drop you off now!” The opponent, in a serious but calm tone: “What, excuse me?” Conductor: “No change!” Opponent: “I have a long way to go. I would be very grateful if you manage to change the bill.” Method “Psychological Aikido” It consists of using the enemy’s energy against himself. It is necessary to agree with the “criticism” of the enemy (sometimes this needs to be done several times), as a result of which the situation is brought to the point of absurdity or becomes very funny. And don’t forget to praise the boor – it will pay off in spades! Example: A nervous patient (NP) in the clinic to a second patient (VP): “What, no eyes? Don't you see, there's a queue! Where are you going? The smartest one?" VP: “I really don’t have eyes. How attentive you are. And I, being the smartest one, jumped in without waiting in line.” NP (taken aback): “I’m standing like everyone else...” VP: “Yes, you’re standing like everyone else. It’s not like me – I jump in line.” Usually two or three evasions from an attack are enough. Ham falls into a state of psychological grogginess - he is confused and disoriented. If by this time the audience is already dying of laughter, it will be easier for you. The boor retreats faster and will no longer take risks. The peculiarity of the method is that it requires a lot of practice and effort, as it requires breaking one’s own patterns of behavior. “Humor” method When a person wants to say something bad, he takes in air into his lungs. If you make him laugh at this moment, he will relax. Accompany your joke with a smile, you can even praise your opponent. Example: The secretary came to the director during a meeting to bring tea. But she failed. Her heel caught on the carpet and she slammed to the floor, knocking over all the cups. Seeing the director’s face turning purple with anger, the secretary blurted out: “You are so stunning!” Everyone in the room immediately laughed. Method “Statement” Sometimes a simple statement of the fact “You are a boor” is enough to silence the interlocutor. But you can approach the situation creatively. Example: Buyer: “Please give me some vitamins... I forgot what they are called. These are these,” he points to the display case. Seller: “Do you, by any chance, need memory pills?” Buyer: “What about you? From rudeness? The Sneezing Method It is suitable as a response to a long, rude monologue. If your opponent is letting off steam on you for a long time and tediously and cannot stop, help him with this. Listen to him with a calm look until the boor is convinced that he is the master of the situation, and you will remain silent. And then sneeze loudly and demonstratively. And into the pause that arises, insert the phrase: “Sorry, I’m allergic to nonsense.” And with an extremely polite look, ask: “So where did you stop?” Other effective responses to offensive phrases: “Is that all?” or “So what?” “I had a better opinion of you” “Rudeness suits no one, least of all you” “Should I answer politely or should I tell the truth?” “I thought that artistry doesn’t suit you.” “Why do you always try to look worse than you really are?” “I have absolutely no time to cherish your complexes” “What, excuse me? You probably misspoke?” This is another common reason for rudeness and rudeness. Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, many people prefer communication that is not typical for a civilized person. Such people are accustomed to constantly being rude, and other models of behavior are of little interest to them. How to react correctly? Method “Persistent politeness and angelic patience” The main rule of dealing with such boors is politeness, goodwill and patience. You cannot be provocative, be charged with the energy of a boor, or become a follower. Do not forget that a rude person is waiting for retaliatory aggression, and when he does not receive it, he falls into a trance. Politeness and a smile unsettle him, force him to communicate in a different, unusual scenario for him. This gives you the opportunity to control the situation. Sometimes a boor is fixated on the negative, then you can speak to him just as politely, but louder than usual. The non-standard nature of the situation will also silence the boor. Example: Seller: “Man, why are you digging around for so long? Will you take it or not? Buyer: “Please show me that mug over there.” Seller: “You’ve been standing here for half an hour already. I’m not your errand girl!” Customer louder than usual: “Please show me that mug.” The “Boringness” method This is suitable for administrators of forums, groups on social networks, etc. It is known that many community members, knowing the general rules very well, deliberately violate them, and then blow up the administrators’ personal accounts, expressing sincere disagreement with the fact that they were banned. When the arguments end, the rudeness begins. Of course, you can ban a dissatisfied person in a personal message, but if you need to defend what’s right, try, without emotion, to describe in detail all the flaws of the offender. At first the interlocutor will let off steam in the hope of having fun, but when faced with dry official language, he will get bored and fall behind. Example: Participant: “Why was I banned? This is arbitrariness! Then write on the page: “We do what we want, we ban whoever we want!” Administrator: “You violated paragraph 2 of such and such’s rules. According to the forum rules, you have been banned for 2 weeks.” Participant: “I didn’t violate anything and my photos are normal! You’re the one nitpicking there, you don’t understand anything about photographs, so don’t interfere!” Administrator: “For insulting the administration, your ban will be extended for another 2 weeks.” The “Shocking” method (for an amateur) To combat stereotypical rudeness, the method of breaking patterns is well suited, or, in simple terms, shocking. You can prepare a couple of phrases in advance that are completely irrelevant to the matter. And in order to shock the interlocutor, in response to the question “Will you buy or not?” you can ask: “Can you tell me how the series ended yesterday?” The methods described above are also good: “Psychological Aikido”, “Humor” and “Statement”. Other effective responses to offensive phrases: “It’s a pity that you can’t respond to this with originality” “For some reason I don’t want to talk to you” “I don’t like the people you’re trying to portray” “I appreciated the depth of your thought. Thank you" "Appreciated your joke. Thank you” “Thank you for being so attentive to my personality” “Not quite witty, but something” “Witty and funny” (after moving on to another topic of conversation, getting distracted by something or someone, leaving the room ) The offender's fear of you Most boors are weak people with low self-esteem and pronounced envy. As soon as they realize that you have achieved more in life than them, their fear of competition immediately awakens in them. They mask this fear with an excellent ability to be rude. How to react correctly? Method “Caring for a Hedgehog” Imagine a hedgehog that has released its thorns out of fear. On the one hand, the hedgehog is angry and prickly, and on the other, small and scared. As soon as you take care of it, it will soften, hide its thorns and puff contentedly, drinking milk from a saucer. So it is with the offender. Take a condescending and compassionate position. Praise him, give him a friendly pat on the shoulder, give in, let him win a game or two, wish him all the most beautiful things that exist in this world. After all, it’s not at all difficult to do. Having calmed down, the offender will no longer be afraid of you and, most likely, will understand that in addition to hostile competition, there is peaceful coexistence and partnership. The “Psychological Aikido” and “Calm” methods also help well. We do not recommend the following methods: “Humor”, since envious people do not understand jokes well; “Sneezing”, since envious people have increased sensitivity, and this can only aggravate aggression. Other effective responses to offensive phrases: “It happens that life doesn’t work out. But you will succeed” “Of course, of course. Come on in. May you be lucky today” (this helps when someone is pushing, pushing, out of turn) “Rudeness suits no one, least of all you.” “It looks like this is not your role. What do you really need? “Thank you for being so attentive to my person.” “Do you want to offend me? What's the point? "This is all?"

Method “Ignoring” And the general method for all causes of rudeness is “Ignoring”. After all, sometimes being silent is good, safe and... beautiful. If you do not need anything from the offender, you are not psychologically ready to engage in a fight with him, or your offender, as it seems to you, is psychologically unhealthy, dangerous to life and health - use the “Ignoring” method. It is not for nothing that popular wisdom says: “A fool shouts, but a wise man is silent,” “Of two arguing, the one who is smarter is wrong.” Boors always strive to win your attention, but they need to somehow feed on your energy. That’s why simply being ignored is one of the worst punishments for them. It is important to note : ignoring must be correct. Without an offensive look or sad sighs. A boor should not mistake your ignorance for swallowing an insult, inability to respond or forgiveness. There shouldn't be any emotions. The offender is an empty place for you. You are a happy, successful person who has no time to notice such nonsense.

How to react to rudeness?

Rudeness and demagoguery begin the moment the opponent runs out of arguments in his favor. Or when he begins to understand that he initially took the wrong position, but pride or lack of culture does not allow him to retreat. Rudeness is an admission of defeat, burdened by an unwillingness to admit it. In order to somehow console their wounded pride, many begin to attack. Often we cannot eliminate the source of rudeness, and in this sense, rudeness is invincible. We can always change our individual way of responding to it. Method one. It's a pity for such people... Respond to rudeness with tolerant arrogance, raising an eyebrow! Often rudeness is a person’s defensive reaction to his complexes. And since this is a boor’s problem, treat him as wretched. This dramatically changes the plans of the rude person. Rudeness can be easily cured by politeness. They are rude to you, and you say to him: “You see, my dear, I do not intend to talk to you in such a tone,” or “Dear, you probably made a mistake and confused me with someone.” Usually, when treated politely, boors become confused, become dumbfounded, and are frightened to make contact. Boors strive for retaliatory rudeness - they are fueled by the energy of the conflict. A friendly smile and a calm look in the eyes unsettles them from the intended rut. Thus, you yourself begin to control the situation. Dialogue is possible only with civilized, mentally healthy opponents. And when, when communicating with someone, you hear rudeness in response, this is no longer a dialogue, but banal abuse. Do you need to get on your nerves? Wish the rude person all the best. Method two. Reciprocal rudeness (will not stand up for us) It is only good that must be answered with kindness. Evil must be met with justice. (Confucius) In some cases, it is more beneficial for the psyche to respond with rudeness. Because if you remain silent, you will then think about how you could answer: this way, and this way, and this way. You will begin to beat yourself up, and, as a result, you will throw out all the negativity on someone close to you. As one smart person said: “there is no temple for a boor.” That’s why sometimes it’s useful to “put them in their place.” At least so that others don’t spoil their mood. Boors need to be educated. Silence convinces them of impunity. The more often a boor responds to rudeness, the less often he has the desire to be rude. Especially if they respond well. Disadvantage of this method: retaliatory rudeness will not help you maintain your dignity, but will only equate you with the rude one. “An eye for an eye” is the shortest way to descend to the level of a boor and a scoundrel. Method three. With humor (this is aerobatics) You must respond to rudeness with a smile with a facial expression of “damn, what a moron you are!” Or laughter. This will cause a storm of emotions in the boor, which may make you laugh even more. You can answer something like this: “Eh, you’re being rude... Why? Do you want to offend me? And why?" Try to answer so beautifully that your word remains the last and greatly suppresses the person who is rude to you. Method four. Completely ignored! There is so much rudeness in the world that you just need to ignore it. The best response to rudeness is indifference. Try to avoid such types - it is much easier to carry them from afar, and you always feel sorry for them - they must have come to such a life in order to have such a blast with everyone! Show the boor that you don’t see or hear him! There is such a wonderful exercise: “I am a leaf on the side of the road... Everything passes by and does not touch me.” Always smile - it's terribly annoying! source

Learn to be rude beautifully

1.You will open your mouth at the dentist.:D 2. Mind like a shell. 3.What do you give a damn about life? Or can we run fast? 4.ONE MORE BEEZ FROM YOUR PLATFORM AND YOUR TEETH WILL BE SETTLED. :)) 5. Dry the herbarium! 6. So that you celebrate your wedding at McDonalds. 7. Don’t make me angry, I have nowhere to hide the corpses! Come on, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, there's still room. 8. Shut up, victim of a drunken midwife!:o :)) 9. Yes, you won’t save the world with beauty. 10.The light of a floor lamp can overshadow your mind. ;D 11.Can we switch to you? Otherwise it’s not convenient for me to punch you in the face. 12.Talk, talk... I always yawn when I'm interested! 13.Ciao, ripen the peach! :)) :)) 14. When the stork brought you to your parents, they laughed for a long time and wanted to take the stork first. 15.Hey you five! Yes, yes, you four! Come here, you three! Once again I see you two together - I'll fuck you! You understood me?!? 16.Go to the kitchen and chop the veins with an axe. 17. So that you could cover yourself with a teaspoon in the bathhouse!:D 18.Baby, I’m not scaring you, I’m not a mirror. 19. Didn’t you scare Babayka as a child? 20.- And your legs are like those of a gazelle!- Why are they so slender?- No, covered with fur... :)) 21.- What long legs you have... Especially the left one. :)) :)) 22. One more “Vyak” in my direction……..and your dad sweated in vain…. 23. VKontakte is a site for normal people, but for such frostbitten brakes as you, it’s high time to create a new site - VTanke. 24. Pushkin finished his appointment, Gagarin arrived, And you are {censored} right now!© 25.- go to hell! - don’t worry, I’ll finish with an orgasm! 26.-thank you.-you’ll work 27.-Girl, are you bored?-Not that much... 28.What are you standing for? Do you run fast or do you have a spare jaw in your pocket? 29. Enema, know your place. 30. There is one good thing about you, it divides your ass in half. 31.Yeah...not everyone was spared by Chernobyl. 32. Go, lie down, preferably on the rails. 33. You’re doing the right thing; you don’t laugh with teeth like that. :)) :)) 34.Tell me who I am, and I will tell you how much you underestimated me. 35. I would send you, but I see that you are from there. 36. I bet you were conceived on a bet!

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How to insult back if you're just annoyed

For rudeness you can be humiliatingly called with offensive words

Of course, one should resort to offensive and humiliating insults only in very rare cases - when the opponent does not know the limits in his statements and pours out an uncontrollable stream of “dirty” words. If you have enough willpower, then in such cases, it is best to ignore the person who is showing aggression - to pretend that his words are an empty phrase for you.

When the interlocutor expresses or shouts everything he thinks, you can wearily summarize: “You are very tiring, is that why you have problems in your personal life?” Please note that such a phrase sounds very caustic and offensive, so it should be used in the case of a notorious scoundrel. Even if he is married, such words will hurt him, because such a brawler, most likely, is really not doing well on the personal front.

To an aggressive boor who is overweight, you can say: “It would be better to join the gym!” We emphasize that it is better to avoid barbs about appearance as much as possible - such comments usually humiliate not only your enemy, but also you. However, if you know that some aspect of your appearance is a sore subject for your interlocutor, and he himself has already completely “ridden through” your appearance, then you can “give change” with similar phrases.

Troll verbally and put in place

Many people are seriously affected by various “prophecies” and curses.” If your enemy behaves disgracefully, insulting you, having long ago crossed all boundaries of what is permitted, then calmly say: “From this day on, you will know why misfortune will befall you.” Many people are suspicious, especially if they are emotionally unstable. Most likely, your phrase will haunt your interlocutor for a long time, and he will really begin to regret his own incontinence.

Example from life

The long-awaited pregnancy found me in Perm. For the first three months I was tormented by toxicosis. Weakness, nausea, the desire to lie like a seal - that’s all I experienced in the first trimester. Only my husband and closest friend knew about this; I didn’t even advertise my new condition to everyone else. And during this difficult period, I am invited to hold a style event for employees of a government agency. Actually, they initially invited a completely different stylist, but a couple of days before the scheduled event, the girl, as they say, “merged”, and the organizers remembered me, loudly calling me a Moscow stylist. (In fact, I had good experience in sales in the fashion segment in one of the coolest Moscow shopping centers and stylistic courses were also on my account, so the organizers were almost right)). I happily agree, prepare for two days, put on my coolest dress and come to the event.

Public speaking doesn't really unsettle me, I just get a little nervous. And here SHE stands in front of me, a woman from the PR department of this government agency, and looking at me with a sour expression, she says something to her neighbor. I’m an open person, so without a second thought, but with a smile, I ask what interesting things they say about me, to which the lady replies that she doesn’t like the way I’m dressed and my hairstyle is not great, and that her colleague looks better than me.

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