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The amber apples are ripe on the apple tree. Yana and Yasha ate amber apples. (N. Lunina) Everyone knows what an apple looks like. This is not surprising. An apple is among fruits as a potato is among vegetables. Apple orchards on our planet occupy five million hectares. This is the most common fruit tree. The apple has been known to people since ancient times. There is a mention of this fruit in the Bible. It was the apple that Eve plucked from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of the home apple tree. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the apple a symbol of love and dedicated it to the goddess of beauty. The ancient Germans were sure that apples were the favorite fruit of the gods. They planted apple trees around their houses, hoping that the evil storm god would not throw lightning arrows at them. In Russia, apple trees began to be grown already in the 11th century. In 1051, an apple orchard was founded in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The first apple orchards appeared in the Moscow region in the 12th century. by order of Yuri Dolgoruky.

On August 19, Rus' celebrated the Apple Savior. Until this time, apples were not supposed to be picked. On this day, ripe fruits were collected from apple trees and blessed in churches. Apples were given to the poor and homeless. The more beggars you treat, the more abundant the harvest will be next year. Housewives baked apple pie on this day. Several hundred varieties of apples are known in Russia. They are divided into summer, autumn and winter. In the second half of September, winter varieties of apples were collected: Antonovka and Semerinka. The skin of these varieties is thick, with a special waxy coating that protects the fruit from rotting. You can store them until spring. Apples are eaten fresh, dried, soaked and frozen. They are used to prepare juices, compote, jam, jam, marmalade, and jelly. Apples are very useful. It is no coincidence that the Russian people created a fairy tale about rejuvenating apples. Eat them and you will be young and healthy. Apples contain vitamins, sugars, iron, potassium and magnesium salts. RIDDLE Same with a fist, Red barrel. If you touch it with your finger, it’s smooth, And if you bite it, it’s sweet. (Apple) PROVERBS AND SAYINGS • September smells like apple, October smells like cabbage. • No apple falls past the apple tree. • Like the tree, so are the apples.

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Option 1 - Apple

Option 2 - Pear

Option 3 - Peach

Option 4 - Mandarin

Option 5 - Orange

Option 6 - Garnet

Option 7 - Banana

Option 8 - Mango

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Option 1 - Apple

24 sentences / 291 words

Fruits are not only healthy, but also very tasty. Ripe and juicy, they are pleasantly refreshing on a hot summer day, and thanks to their high content of vitamins, they give a boost of energy and a bright blush to the cheeks.

Most of all I love apples. I love that it is a versatile fruit. They can be eaten both in summer and winter - apples are still delicious at any time of the year. You can use them to prepare salads, make jam, or simply bake them in the oven with honey. No matter what form apples are served at the table, they will always come in handy.

But apples come in different varieties, and each of them has its own taste characteristics. So, the small green Antonovka, which grows in my grandmother’s garden, has a slight sourness. These apples are very good for jams or compotes, and when fresh I prefer the Golden variety. Golden apples are always large, juicy and sweet. They have thin yellow skin with fancy brown speckles on it. How pleasant it is to bite into such a fruit and then savor its tender pulp in your mouth, closing your eyes in pleasure.

However, apple jam is also a wonderful dish. Grandma often adds chokeberry berries to it. As a result, the jam acquires a bright red hue and a sweet-tart taste. I especially like to eat it in winter. I use large spoons to scoop my favorite dessert straight from the jar, washing down the jam with black tea so that it is not too sweet.

And once, when my parents and I were in Crimea, I tried apple churchkhela. This is a special dish made using flour, sugar, nuts and the juice of my favorite fruits. And it is apples that give it a delicious taste, unique to them alone. A taste that feels both sweet and fresh at the same time. It also has a subtle sourness and even some spice. I don’t know of any other fruit that is also multifaceted in its taste!

Option 2 - Pear

15 sentences / 244 words

Fruits should definitely be in every person’s diet, because we all need vitamins to maintain health. And in principle, fruits are very tasty and beautiful in appearance, even when they are just lying on the table in a glass vase. I just want to come up and take a juicy ripe apple or pear from there!

What I like most is pears. I think they are the only ones that have a bright sweet taste, which at the same time does not seem cloying, due to the fact that these fruits have light astringent properties.

When you bite into a pear, it crumbles into small grains in your mouth. At first they crunch cheerfully on your teeth, and then melt on your tongue like snowflakes. Pears cannot be called juicy fruits, however, after lying for a while, they become very soft, as if made from plasticine. These are the fruits I love the most.

I especially like Conference pears. You can easily buy them in the store even in winter, but you need to know how to choose. When I come to the fruit department, I always look not only at the external condition of the pears, but also lightly press each of them with my fingers. If the fruits press when pressed and their skins are a rich greenish-yellow hue, then I'm in for a great fruit snack.

I only eat pears without the skin, because it can be too hard. After peeling the fruits and cutting them into small pieces, I usually go to watch my favorite movie, setting up a mini-cinema at home. And in the summer I like to add pears to fruit salads, mixing them with bananas, apples, oranges and cherries. It turns out to be a delicious, healthy, fresh dish, which I top with soft yoghurt.

Option 3 - Peach

19 sentences / 253 words

I really like fruits. Among them, I especially like those that have a juicy sweet taste. First of all, these are peaches. Beautiful, yellowish-red, they attract me from store windows, so when the season of these beautiful fruits begins in the summer, it is very difficult for me to resist and pass by. And why?! Why pass by such delicious, healthy treats! You must definitely take them, put them in a bag and take them to the checkout. And at home, you need to wash peaches and, without waiting for your mother to prepare a knife, break the ripe pulp directly with your hands, remove the large rough pit, and then eat.

Peaches are so sweet and nutritious that just two or three pieces are enough to feel a pleasant feeling of fullness. However, it is always so difficult for me to stop, so I eat more and more until my stomach starts to hurt. However, he can’t get sick for a long time from delicious food!

But most of all, of course, I like not store-bought peaches, but those that we buy at the market from local residents in Anapa when we come there on vacation in the summer. Indeed, southern fruits grown in their own gardens differ greatly in taste from those created for sale. Their shaggy multi-colored skin is much thinner, and the flesh is juicier. Sometimes peach fruits have a bizarre asymmetrical shape, which also seems more natural. And from their seeds planted in the ground, beautiful young shoots often appear.

But not only fresh peaches are amazingly beautiful. Sweet jam from these fruits or juice with pulp are also no less my favorite. Well, in winter, when it is very difficult to find tasty fruits, my mother and I often buy canned peaches, and this is also a great dessert.

Option 4 - Mandarin

16 sentences / 221 words

Tangerines are magnificent juicy fruits with a delicate citrus aroma. I associate their smell with the onset of the New Year, since tangerines, among other delicacies, can most often be seen on the holiday table.

I love tangerines for their unusual taste. It does not have that bitterness that grapefruits often have. There is no acid in it, typical of lemons or limes. And the sweetness of these fruits is not as cloying as the sweetness of oranges; there is something tart and a little spicy in it.

Tangerines are usually small in size and easy to peel. These fruits have few seeds, and the pulp is divided into small oblong slices, each of which is covered with a thin transparent peel. Therefore, eating tangerines is very convenient and pleasant. Their juice does not run down your fingers, but goes straight into your mouth, where the delicate orange fibers melt on your tongue.

You can buy tangerines not only during the New Year holidays, but also in the summer, as well as in autumn and spring. In warmer months, they are especially good in fruit salad. These fruits add a slight sourness to it, making the taste of the dish not so cloying. However, the tangerine cake with cottage cheese and nuts that my mother served on the table for my birthday in October also always surprises guests.

And finally, tangerines are, perhaps, one of those few fruits that can make an excellent company with meat. Pork or chicken baked in the oven with them turns out surprisingly tender and juicy.

Option 5 - Orange

17 sentences / 226 words

All fruits are very tasty, especially in hot weather, when you definitely want to quench your thirst not only with water, but also by eating something juicy and fresh. I like oranges the most. I love oranges for their fragrant citrus smell and appetizing appearance. The crust of these fruits has a golden-orange hue, and the shape of the round fruits resembles small suns. They attract me with their brightness, and how interesting it is to find out what is hidden inside these fruits!

Under the thick shiny peel, covered with small pits and pimples, ripe pulp is revealed. Sometimes oranges are so juicy that it seems as if one fruit would be enough for a whole glass of freshly squeezed juice. I really enjoy peeling these fruits, gradually getting to the interesting part.

The taste of oranges can be very diverse: from sour to sickly sweet. I tried many varieties and realized that most of all I love sweet varieties, which at the same time have a slight bitterness.

Oranges are very healthy fruits. They, like other citrus fruits, contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps support immunity. In addition, they have tonic properties. I noticed that if you drink a glass of orange juice in the morning, you will feel energized all day. In addition, these fruits improve stomach function.

In short, when I eat oranges, I not only enjoy their great taste, but also feel myself becoming stronger and energized. I think there is nothing better if your favorite food brings not only joy, but also benefits.

Option 6 - Garnet

13 sentences / 224 words

There is no fruit more amazing than the pomegranate. I admire everything about it: the unusual appearance of the scarlet fruits themselves, the juicy pulp packed in small red grains, and the delicious tart-sweet taste.

I first tried pomegranate when I was four years old, and since then my love for this fruit began. Many of my mother’s friends were then surprised how I could eat sour grains with such appetite. I, despite the amazed faces of my friends, stubbornly crushed the fragrant grains with a teaspoon inside the thick skin of the fruit cut in half, and then scooped out fresh scarlet juice from there.

Since then, the habit of eating pomegranates in this way has remained with me. However, sometimes I like to take out the grains with my hands and then put them on a plate. When the work is finished, I make sure to proudly count my spoils before I start consuming them.

Mom says that pomegranates are very healthy fruits because they contain a large amount of iron, which is exactly what I need during the period of active growth in order to feel vigorous and healthy. Indeed, when I eat a whole pomegranate, I immediately feel a surge of strength and energy, and the hemoglobin in my blood is now always normal.

However, pomegranates are tasty not only fresh. Mom often makes a sauce for meat from them or puts the grains of these fruits in jam. Each time a dish with the addition of pomegranate acquires an unusual aroma and slight sourness, which is then replaced by a tart aftertaste.

Option 7 - Banana

18 sentences / 248 words

Everyone knows that fruits are good for health, but not all of them are equally tasty. Some seem sour and tart, like grapefruits or pomegranates. Others, on the contrary, are sweet and juicy, like apples or peaches. But there are also completely unusual fruits that cannot be classified into any specific category. These are, for example, my favorite bananas.

Bananas have a light, almost neutral taste. They are rarely too sweet, only if they have been lying in a warm place for a long time and are already starting to spoil. There is no bitterness or acidity in them; bananas cannot be called juicy. On the contrary, their flesh is dense and viscous because it contains almost no moisture. Because of this, my favorite fruits are very filling. I often take a banana with me to school to satisfy my hunger during recess. The energy obtained from such a snack usually lasts me for several hours.

Bananas go well with yogurt and nuts, but I especially like dipping the ripe yellow bits into melted chocolate in the deep fryer. The result is a real royal dessert, which, of course, can only be prepared at home.

Bananas are sold in stores throughout the year, but, unfortunately, they are not always tasty. Often unripe fruits appear on the shelves: hard, with green skin. Such fruits can be hazardous to health, so I try to take a responsible approach to choosing my favorite fruits.

Ripe bananas have a smooth yellow skin without any green spots on it. When pressed, they are slightly soft and elastic, and most importantly, these fruits smell fresh. I just want to bring them home, clean them and start eating them, which I do with great pleasure.

Option 8 - Mango

21 sentences / 307 words

I first tried this wonderful fruit at the age of 6, when my dad brought it from a distant country in Southeast Asia - Cambodia. The yellow, oblong fruit, which has a taste unlike any other fruit I know, made an incredible impression on me and my mother. We really liked it and jokingly reprimanded dad - why did you bring so few of them? I remembered this original fruit, although my dad brought some other fruits, such as dragon fruit and lychee, and dreamed of one day eating this delicacy.

This happened three years later. The whole group of us, including my younger brother, went to Thailand for 10 days. We rested on the island of Phuket, where there are excellent sandy beaches and a beautiful sea. And, of course, they sell a lot of exotic fruits that I have never even heard of, let alone tried. For example, mangosteen, papaya, rambutan, longan and many others. Fruits known to us are also sold there, such as bananas, pineapple, apples and others.

Some fruits I liked, some I didn’t, but mango remained my favorite fruit. We bought it a lot, my mother cut it into slices, cutting out the pit (at the beach we sometimes also bought fruit cut in this way). Mom cut several mangoes at once, we sat, took slices, ate them slowly and enjoyed the taste. In Thailand you can find mangoes not only in fresh form. There is dried mango, there are candies made from it, there is mango syrup. We brought a lot of this home to treat our friends and relatives.

Nowadays mangoes can be easily bought in stores, but for some reason they sell mainly some variety of them. Here it is green, but in Thailand it is yellow. There it is more aromatic and soft. But still, sometimes we buy it and remember that wonderful vacation in a distant country. Next year we are going to fly on vacation to another country in Southeast Asia - Vietnam, where I will again gorge myself on my favorite fruit, mango.

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