How can you quickly lose your voice or make it hoarse?

Throat diseases are not uncommon. Most people know how they manifest themselves and how to treat them correctly. Therefore, few people are very surprised by a hoarse voice when they wake up in the morning and discover this symptom.

As the famous proverb says: “Trouble never comes alone.” And often, in addition to a hoarse throat and hoarseness, a runny nose and cough appear. When all these symptoms appear along with a hoarse voice, there is no doubt: we have a cold or an infectious disease of the ENT organs. Which one is determined by the ENT doctor, and he also prescribes effective treatment.

But what to do if your throat is hoarse without coughing? Wait for it to go away on its own? Of course no! Very often, a hoarse voice without a cough is a symptom of diseases and pathological conditions that are not always associated with the ENT organs. Many of them pose a serious danger to humans.

Hoarse voice without cough - let's take a detailed look at the causes of this condition and treatment tactics. A hoarse voice without a cough is the topic of our new article.

Operating principle

It's actually simple. If a person is thinking about how to lose his voice, he should strain his vocal cords as much as possible. It is on this principle that all voice loss techniques are based.

Laryngitis is not that difficult to get. In just a few days at home, a person can lose his voice or become hoarse. What should you pay attention to? What actions will help bring your idea to life?

Reversibility of the process

Problems with the vocal cords are called laryngitis.

Need to know! Since it can appear from internal and external factors, its treatment must be approached based on the root of the problem.

In some cases, problems with the vocal cords may be irreversible and remain for the rest of your life , for example:

  • With regular injuries to the larynx.
  • When the stress on the vocal cords is too extreme.
  • When the disease becomes chronic.
  • In case of untimely treatment and ignoring doctor’s orders.
  • If the mechanical damage to the vocal cords is too extensive, and so on.

When experimenting on the body, it is worth remembering that there is a possibility of permanently making the voice hoarse or disfiguring it.


How to lose your voice? This method is familiar to everyone. First of all, you need to shout and raise your voice in every possible way. The technique is considered the basis for the successful implementation of an idea.

Screaming is the fastest and most effective technique that can help you lose your voice. But to get the desired result you will have to try. Sometimes you need to scream for hours on end. Only after this will the voice become hoarse or disappear.

Screaming strains the vocal cords. Therefore, it is considered the best way to lose your voice. And laryngitis occurs from overstrain of the ligaments.


How to quickly lose your voice? The next piece of advice that can be given to a person is to stop drinking liquid. Especially when screaming. You just shouldn’t limit yourself to fluids - this is fraught with negative consequences for the body. But during the screaming period, it is recommended to exclude all drinks.

The point is that the larynx will become tense faster without moisture. This means that the results from screaming will be faster. Therefore, if you want to know how to quickly lose your voice, you need to forget about drinks for a while.

What should you not do if you have hoarseness?

If your voice becomes dry, you should reduce your speech to a minimum so as not to strain your vocal folds. If possible, it is better to take a day off from work and get treatment. And, of course, it is not recommended to self-medicate for a long time. If after 1-2 days or more the voice is not restored, you should consult a doctor to clarify the problem.

Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided as this can also lead to sore throat. Juices, especially those containing citrus fruits, such as orange and grapefruit, should be excluded from the diet, as should cola, green tea, and coffee. All this provokes mucous membranes and aggravates the situation. Hypothermia and eating cold foods will also worsen the problem. It is necessary to avoid hot, spicy foods that can cause irritation.

Following these simple recommendations will speed up the healing process and voice restoration.

“When your voice becomes dry, you should reduce your speech to a minimum so as not to strain your vocal folds. If possible, it is better to take a day off from work and get treatment. If after 1-2 days or more the voice is not restored, you should consult a doctor to find out the problem.”


It’s hard to believe, but if a person is thinking about how to become hoarse in the shortest possible time, he needs to whisper. Whispering is another effective way to strain your vocal cords.

In fact, this technique strains the throat and ligaments even more than screaming. It is enough to whisper for about 20 minutes, and the result will not be long in coming. Why does this effect happen?

As a result of whispering, the vocal cords become denser. And because a person is talking, tension also occurs. The double load on the ligaments leads to a fairly rapid loss of voice. But not for long. How to lose your voice temporarily? It is enough to either scream or whisper for about an hour. In both cases, it is better to keep the larynx dry. This way the result will come faster.

Motives for losing your voice

Keep in mind! Such radical measures can be prompted by many reasons, for example:

  • The desire to create a good reason not to go to school or work .
  • Reluctance to go on a date.
  • The desire to avoid any event : a trip to relatives or unnerving acquaintances, celebration of a certain holiday or a work corporate event, a cleanup day, or some stupidity invented by the authorities.
  • The need to take sick leave in order to make time for yourself or some important goals.
  • The need to temporarily put your voice on the line in a dispute .
  • The desire to make your voice unrecognizable for conspiracy purposes and much more.

For your information! After successfully suppressing the voice, it is worth remembering that you will have to return it later, and therefore, before taking desperate steps, you should look for more acceptable solutions.


But that's not all. In addition to the methods listed above, you can use more interesting techniques. How to lose your voice? Singing at high notes will help you become hoarse for a while.

Quite often it is advised to simply sing your favorite songs a few notes higher or lower than your usual voice timbre. This technique strains the vocal cords very much. True, singing does not always help quickly.

As practice shows, vocals on high notes are the most effective solution to the problem. Sometimes you have to sing for several hours. But the first result will be noticeable in just a few minutes. It's enough to sing a couple of songs.

How does the voice apparatus work?

To understand how aphonia occurs, you need to understand how the human vocal apparatus works.

In the human throat, or rather the larynx, there are special muscles - the vocal cords. During breathing or when a person is silent, there is a gap or gap between the ligaments. In order for sounds to flow from the throat, it is necessary that the ligaments be taut and tightly adjacent to each other. Sounds are formed during exhalation: the flow of air from the lungs passes through the closed ligaments, causing them to vibrate, and at this moment we hear the person’s speech.

It is logical to assume that the situation when the ability to speak is lost is due to the fact that the ligaments for some reason cannot close. And there are many reasons why this ability can be lost.

What to eat and drink

How to lose your voice at home? Another interesting technique (and a gentler one) is to consume certain types of foods and drinks. What products are recommended to pay attention to?

For example, on sour foods and drinks. Lemon juice or vinegar are perfect for bringing your idea to life. If you drink these drinks in small sips, you can lose your voice within a few hours.

It is recommended to mix the juice of two lemons in a glass with cold water. In another cup you will have to mix water and 125 milliliters of vinegar. Alternating such drinks is a sure way to cause laryngitis. You can add a little apple cider vinegar to regular vinegar. This technique will help get rid of the unpleasant odor.

How can you lose your voice? To quickly achieve maximum results, it is recommended to alternate drinking drinks with exercises to strain the vocal cords.

You should not use this method if you have allergic reactions to acidic foods. Also, this method is not suitable for people with stomach diseases. They cause digestive problems.

How to lose your voice? In addition to sour foods, the following will help you become hoarse:

  • cold food (ice cream, for example);
  • cold drinks (preferably with caffeine).

All of the above methods sometimes require patience. In some cases, eating cold food and drinks takes several hours. Sometimes you have to spend the whole day to get maximum results.

But that's not all. There are a number of actions that contribute to the rapid appearance of laryngitis in humans. What should you pay attention to? What techniques can help you lose your voice for a given period of time?

Initial symptoms

In the first stages, the volume of a person’s voice decreases, its quality and timbre changes. The folds quickly become tired, and it becomes uncomfortable for a person to swallow or talk. The most dangerous type of hoarseness is chronic, since in this case the entire vocal apparatus is gradually and permanently rebuilt. Subsequently, hoarseness increases and the voice weakens. When diagnosing, an otolaryngologist finds out the background and history of the development of the disease, and treatment measures taken previously. An ENT examination is performed with direct or indirect laryngoscopy. If required, the specialist will prescribe an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, MRI or computed tomography to identify possible causes of laryngeal depression.

“In the first stages, the volume of a person’s voice decreases, its quality and timbre changes. The folds quickly become tired, and it becomes uncomfortable for a person to swallow or talk.”

What to do

Among the most common tips are:

  1. Cold compresses. They apply to the throat. For example, you can put an ice pack on your neck for several hours.
  2. Stimulation of the nasal passages. We are talking about tension in the larynx as when swallowing.
  3. Jogging in cold, rainy weather is a great help if you want to catch laryngitis. Hypothermia, in principle, contributes to loss of voice.
  4. Inhaling pepper or eating extremely spicy foods. Not the most effective and common techniques, but sometimes they are used in practice.

All of the above methods are not recommended to be used too often. As soon as you want to restore your voice, you can warm your throat, eat warm food or drink.

How to treat hoarseness?

Before prescribing a course of treatment, the otolaryngologist performs a visual examination of the larynx to identify the cause of the disease. Visual diagnostics and endoscopy of the throat are carried out: an integrated approach is used for a full analysis.

When diagnosing, specialized tools and equipment are used. A differentiated analysis of symptoms is necessary when it is not possible to find out the real cause of the problem. The doctor may use an endoscope, a probe to examine the throat and larynx during laryngoscopy. The otolaryngologist also works with the deep laryngeal laryngeal speculum. A fibrolaryngoscope is used to examine the nasopharynx under local anesthesia of the nasal cavity. Another commonly used tool is a strobe light, which allows you to diagnose pathologies. Electrophysical studies are carried out, the level of mobility of the larynx and folds in dynamics is assessed. Anesthesia is not required here, since the procedures do not cause discomfort or pain.

The course of therapy is prescribed taking into account the problem, the cause of its occurrence, medical history and examination. To treat hoarseness use:

  • Drugs aimed directly at eliminating disorders in the vocal apparatus.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, if hoarseness is accompanied by fever, more than 38 degrees.
  • Antibiotics if the problem is caused by a bacterial infection causing hoarseness.

In addition to taking the above medications, physiotherapy is carried out, expectorants are prescribed in the presence of bronchitis or tracheitis, as well as vitamin complexes to increase strength and immunity.

When prescribing treatment, individual parameters are taken into account: age, concomitant and previous diseases, structural features of the larynx, the presence or absence of allergic reactions.

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